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Palace Agogo Pattaya is located on Walking Street in Pattaya. It is next door to the very popular Sweethearts Agogo. It opened for business in October 2014. It is one of the group of GoGo Bars often collectively referred to as the “French bars” due to long standing French ownership. Some of the others in the group being Shark, Fahrenheit, Mandarin, Bliss and Crazy House.

It is a medium sized but fun gogo bar with the standard French bars layout that they have in all their gogo bars. Up until around 2015 it was very quiet. However since then it has become very popular with visiting Japanese and Korean tourists and at the time of this update (March 2018) is one of the busiest gogo bars in Pattaya along with Bacarra, Sapphire and perhaps Sensations. So busy in-fact that it is often hard to find a seat so we recommend arriving early. We have upgraded our rating below to reflect this popularity although it is not one of our personal favorites do to the difficulty of finding a seat much of the time. If you like busy gogo bars, with lots of good looking dancers it is well worth a visit.

There are two central stages. Seating is mainly wall bench style but there are a few tables and high stools on the right hand side of the bar. As with all this group’s bars it is designed to allow the best possible views from every seating point.

Opening hours – 20.30 to late

Happy hours – none that we are aware of.

Palace Agogo Pattaya contact and media

Address – Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand.
Facebook –
Website – none to-date
Contact – +66 (0)89 416 7151 or via Facebook

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Although not one of our favourites We are rating this bar 8/10 due to fact it is one of the top 5 gogo bars in Pattaya in terms of popularity. You can add your own rating and reviews below.

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