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Sweethearts Agogo bar Pattaya is located in the very center of Walking Street in Pattaya. Directly opposite Lucifer Disko. It has a reputation as being one of the friendliest gogo bars in Pattaya. The music played is rock music and rock music only. It is a long but narrow bar with bench style seating along the walls. Due to its shape there is no central stage but the girls dance on a series of small podiums down the entire length of the bar.

Sweethearts Agogo is under the same ownership as the very popular Walking Street Guesthouse  The entrance is next door. It offers some of the best budget accommodation in Pattaya. Perfect for those who like to sleep where they party.

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Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/sweetheartsagogo

Website – http://sweetheartsagogo.com/

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4 days ago

Sweethearts A Gogo

So as I have mentioned before, Sweethearts A Gogo will close after the night of the 30th of April to make a new bar in the same location with the same owner/management.

It`s been 11 years of great fun, but it`s time to refresh and update the bar as it`s had years of wear and tear as well as its time to modernize a bit. On the 2nd of May the work will start with a total refurbishment of the bar and will reopen late May with a brand new color scheme, new name and a bit different layout to what we have now, we`re also purchasing a brand new sound system where the focus should still be on GOOD sound rather than loud!

This page will still be used for the new bar so people can follow us on the new adventure. The staff will be mostly the same, and in addition to keeping most of the girls we are looking to add a lot more.

I would just like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last 11 years making it one fun bar to run! I would also give out a shout to Johan for creating a great bar over a decade ago and I hope all of you guys will give us a chance even if it will be a different concept!

If you are in town and have the opportunity, please stop by for my birthday party on the 28th of April or on the 30th where I have evil plans of giving out as much black vodka as I can for one last drink off!

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Comment on Facebook

Please don't change the music.

All the best Viking, looking forward to seeing the new place

Good luck viking 👋

Wish you success and good is better than loud 🙂

Do u sell pastis?

Dang! Glad for you guys but bummer for me. That is a big potion of my vacation that you will be closed. 😕

David Martinez stay in touch

Good Luck with the venture.

Best wishes for a good renovation and much success for the new club.

who else really gets it

Good luck. Best wishes

Best of luck guys!!!!

Best of luck Viking in you new venture

Glad there will be minimal staff changes as some goid girls on there. Shame I won't have one last time in Sweethearts as it is currently but hopefully the upgrade etc is successful and I'll check it out in June. Hopefully the music won't change.

All the best with the new adventure with the bar and will continue.e in for a few drinks when I'm back

Wish you and Johan the best .

Hi Viking. Here’s wishing you every success and hoping that everything will go well for your future. Good luck and best wishes mate. Take care.

Please keep the music theme the same... See you on the 27th

I hope you will remain as a rockn&roll bar

Sorry Viking I not able to come... But I m looking forward to the new sweetheart

Is it true that everything will be white and you will only play K-Pop?

Hopefully see it next year,good luck 👍🏻

Good luck.

If the new place is half as good as the old one you will do great!!! Can't wait to see the new place

Good luck Viking... Bring on the black vodka 😊👍

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1 week ago

Sweethearts A Gogo

Happy Songkran from May #119 and the rest of the crew at Sweethearts. Tomorrow Thursday we will open an hour late at 9.30 PM ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Songkran from May #119 and the rest of the crew at Sweethearts. Tomorrow Thursday we will open an hour late at 9.30 PM


Comment on Facebook

Sexy !

nice guitar

1 week ago

Sweethearts A Gogo

Sweeeet! ... See MoreSee Less



Comment on Facebook

Super beautiful sexy 😍

Now that’s an advertisement!

2 weeks ago

Sweethearts A Gogo

Joy #201 ... See MoreSee Less

Joy #201


Comment on Facebook

What a beauty hoop to see you soon

In 10 days I will be there !!!

I like the ass behind you

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